• Valentines Day Soft Romantic Outfit Ideas

    valentine’s day soft romantic outfit ideas

    / / / links & coupons in this article are affiliate Hello blossoms. Previous year I had been chosen for YesStyle‘s Valentine’s Day Fashion promo to create soft romantic outfit ideas. I had ordered a few clothes and accessories that I am showing in the video down below. My usual size for tops is XS-S…

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  • Spring Floral Obsession Fashion Haul and Try-On

    Spring Floral Feminine Fashion

    / / / links & coupons in this article are affiliate As a celebration of last year’s spring, I created Spring Floral Feminine Fashion outfit inspiration. 🌷💐🌸 Featured clothes and accessories were picked by me through YesStyle. Back then, I was lucky to be a part of their Floral Obsession Fashion Haul campaign. This way, I could pick…

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  • Prom Season Fairy Princess Dress Haul

    Fairy Princess Dress Haul

    / / / links & coupons in this article are affiliate A few months ago I was selected for YesStyle’s Prom Season Dress Haul campaign. For a fairy princess dress haul, I chose two stunning purple dress gowns and accessories to match them with 👗 The easiest way how to feel like a princess on basic days is to…

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  • BlackPink Anniversary Outfit Inspiration with YesStyle

    BLACKPINK Anniversary Outfit Inspiration

    / / / links & coupons in this article are affiliate BLACKPINK Anniversary Outfit Inspiration is a celebration of the 6th anniversary since the KPOP group BLACKPINK debuted. It was precisely on August 8th. I had no idea they’d been performing for so long already. Every single comeback they have feels overwhelming and refreshing. I’m always excited…

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