Pursuing elegance How to be more elegant day by day

Pursuing elegance. How to be more elegant.

What does elegance mean to you?

Elegance can be defined in various ways. To put it shortly, elegance as a noun means cultivated beauty and taste. Indulging in fine things in life, enjoying every moment to its fullest, wearing well-known brands’ clothes, being present or pursue slow living. To each of us, elegance means something else.

To be elegant costs you nothing. More than anything, it’s about the attitude and mindset than about money. You heard something along the lines that money can’t buy elegance. It’s because it comes from within, from the work you put in yourself.

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Pursuing elegance How to be more elegant day by day

Pursuing elegance

Elegance is the mindful behaviour you practise each day. It’s restraining yourself from falling back into the old habits. Pursuing elegance means working on yourself to become a better you. It has nothing to do with pleasing other people or impress them.

Focus on yourself. What do you want in life? What do you expect from life? How do you want you life to be? Everything is valid. You live your life for yourself, not for anyone else. If elegance is something you want to pursue, go for it.

Let me present you a few tips on how to be more elegant regardless your budget. These ten tips will cost you nothing. A part two of Pursuing elegance. How to be more elegant. will be coming soon.

Pursuing elegance How to be more elegant day by day

Greet people, say please, thank you & you’re welcome

I consider greeting people, especially the ones you are not familiar with, as something as basic as it can get. On the other hand, I have also come across so many people who don’t greet at all.

They not only don’t greet a person in the first place, some of them don’t greet back either. I don’t understand this behaviour at all. I’d say it’s basic etiquette of communication.

Always greet people in the first place. Especially when you are in public talking to people who you don’t know – waiters, cashiers, sale assistants, cleaners, etc.

The same goes for saying please, thank you and you’re welcome. How come some people don’t say it if they want something, or actually got something?

Practise good, healthy posture

Slouching not only doesn’t look elegant, it’s bad for your overal health, too.

Slow down when walking

I was a person to walk as fast as possible, but not anymore. These days I take my time walking. I enjoy looking at my surroundings and taking the photos of them. Walking slow and gracefully creates elegant aura as well. There’s no elegance in rushing.

Speak soflty, lower your voice

You don’t need to voice act. You can to laugh when you find something amusing. But it’s more about controlling your voice. When you speak slower people are more keen to listen. The power resides in a slowed spoken word.

Changing the tone of your voice helps you express a certain attitude, too. There’s nothing elegant in being unpleasantly loud to the point everyone is giving up stares and side-eyes.

Don’t yell or scream

Learn how to control your emotions and to be assertive. Especially in public. Yelling at someone is not the kind of attention the elegant lady wants.

Don’t use vulgarisms

This goes hand in hand with what I pointed out in the paragraphs above. No further explanation needed.

Listen without interrupting

Give the other person a space to express themselves to the fullest. Respect their opinion and let them speak without interrupting. When someone interrupts me during my talk, I calmly demand them to let me finish what I have on my mind. If they interrupt me again, I don’t intend to continue anymore. I’m not interested in such conversation and I firmly voice up my boundaries, too.

Compliment people around you

When was the last time someone complimented you on something? How did it make you feel? By complimenting others you’ll make their day better, I promise. And it costs you nothing to make people happy.

Complimenting on something is also a good ice breaker and conversation starter. 

Don’t be afraid to accept compliment

Some people may get shy or uncomfortable when being complimented. If you’re one of them, don’t think too hard about it. Simply accept it. Don’t try to talk it out or degrade yourself. You are worth the compliment. Enjoy it. Accepting a compliment also gives of confident vibes.

Read – news, magazines, books …

This suggestion may be repeated over and over, but by reading more you’ll not only expand your vocabulary and knowledge on various things, but you’ll be able to hold a conversation on different topics as well.

That’s all for today, ladies ~

Hope you’ve had a lovely Sunday. See you in the next part.

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