Sunday Serenity: Budget-friendly Ideas How to Unwind on Sunday

Sunday Serenity: Budget-friendly Ideas How to Unwind on Sunday

“Time flows in a strange way on Sundays.”

— Haruki Murakami

Sunday Serenity: Budget-friendly Ideas How to Unwind on Sunday

I felt down last Sunday because I couldn’t finish Sunday Serenity: Budget-friendly Ideas How to Unwind on Sunday article on time. I felt sad and restless to wait another week to publish it. And after a whole week, without even realizing it, I am writing to you again.

The older you are, the more it feels like time flows faster. The more we live in this hectic and chaotic world, where everyone is busy and chases after something, the more we forget to enjoy the present and slow down.

How do you usually spend your Sundays? Enjoying a free day, making plans with family, meeting your friends, preparing for another week, tidying up or perhaps even working?

Sunday Serenity: Budget-friendly Ideas How to Unwind on Sunday

For a couple of years Sundays have meant slow-paced time dedicated especially to me and my well-being. I need to incorporate slow living into my life.

To slow down, to enjoy, to breathe deeply, to observe, to reflect, to indulge in mundane everyday tasks and experiences. To be grateful for another day being alive.

I like to rest on this day, but I also have a routine to follow. The difference is, that I don’t force myself to follow it if I don’t feel like it. A free day doesn’t have to be productive. It shouldn’t be about how many things you got done. It should be about slowing down and be resting.

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Except for taking everything slow and enjoying my free time mindfully, Sunday is a day when I prepare myself for a new week and new adventures.

Routine keeps me grounded and helps me not to forget what I want to get done. I tend to get lost in time, therefore I need to write a to-do list down.

I stopped multi-tasking since it’s become inefficient for me. My attention used to oscillate around, except for that one task. When I need to get something done, I have to calm my mind down.

Sunday Serenity: Budget-friendly Ideas How to Unwind on Sunday

I do understand that everyone lives different lives. For some people, dedicating a whole day to themselves is not possible. However, every person needs to rest sometimes and should take some time to relax and recharge.

It doesn’t have to be a whole-day routine. Just have some activities that will be significant for this day of the week. And if you don’t know, what activities or habits to incorporate, I present you a few of my budget-friendly ideas wow to unwind on Sunday. Don’t forget to write to me how you like to spend your free Sundays ♥

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1. Spend Sunday at home

I like going outside and meeting people, but I prefer to stay at home. To rest and to re-charge my energy. To indulge in my creativity. Spending time at home feels peaceful to me and I feel at ease.

2. Let yourself sleep in

Some people wake up before 6 am, some sleep in until 10 am and some wake up after the noon. The amount of sleep you need depends on your lifestyle and acitivities you do thorought the day.

Being productive is a great thing, but let’s not glorify it more than it needs to be. Even if I sleep in, I usually get done much more things in a few hours than when I wake up around 7-8 am being tired and irritated. Pamper yourself, sleep in!

3. Exchange coffee for a tea

I love drinking coffee – especially the one I make at home. But I try to limit it to 1 – 2 coffees per day. If you drink much more coffee than you should, try exchange it for a tea. Not only on Sundays, but thorought the week, too.

4. Do laundry

I usually do laundry on Friday or Saturday, based on how many clothes I need to wash, but sometimes I turn on the washing machine on Sunday, too. During that time, you can cook something, watch your favourite series, tidy up, iron the clothes, read a book etc.

5. Manicure and pedicure

Keep your nails neat and clean. If you like colours, paint them with nail polish, but it’s not mandatory. Filing and cleaning them is enough to make them look pretty. When it comes to pedicure, nothing can beat warm water (with a few spoons of salt added, too). By doing your mani and pedi at home, you also save yourself money!

6. Extra pampering

  1. take a bath
  2. wash your hair
  3. trim your eyebrows
  4. trim your hair (if needed)
  5. use a face mask or sheet mask
  6. do your manicure and pedicure
  7. exfoliate your face and whole body
  8. wash your makeup sponges, puffs and brushes
  9.  …

7. Clean your handbag (backpack)

If you are the type of person who wears one bag the whole week, there’s a huge chance of clutter inside. Take a while to take out everything you carry in your bag and throw out everything you don’t need anymore.

8. Groceries, meal preparation, baking

I hate noisy and crowded places. That’s why I don’t shop for groceries (up to some exceptions). I order them online. It’s saving me money and my inner peace. This way I also know how much I’ll spend and nothing will surprise me at the cashier stand.

I buy the same groceries every week or two + the items on sale. I experiment in the kitchen and cook something else or new. Preparing meals in advance isn’t for me, but I tend to prepare two meals for two work days beforehand. I like my meals fresh and not them lying in the fridge for the whole week.

Another activity, which I have connected to Sundays, is baking. My mum usually bakes something on this day and our whole family enjoys it to its fullest. Thank you, mum ♥

9. Plan – set goals, revise your diary

Sunday is a great day to reflect on the previous week, but also for planning the upcoming one. I like to think about future content for my blog and Instagram and revise my appointments so I keep them in mind. I also flip through the leaflets and look for groceries and other stuff on sale next week. Writing down a new to-do list is mandatory for me, too.

10. Recharge your electronics

Before starting a new week, I make sure that my mobile phone and Bluetooth earphones are fully charged.

11. Do something for your health

Since I tend to sit a lot during the day because of my work, I try to compensate for it with other activities. I like to walk a lot, using trams or buses only for long distances. I created a stretching routine which I do every day.

Pilates and yoga help me not to get stronger and more flexible but ease my mind and help me to get more flexible. Working out with my weight is a part of my weekly routine as well.

Working out has many health benefits and all of us know about them. Most of the time we just lack discipline and are lazy to move our bodies around. But remember, your body and mind remember everything and how you treat your body now sets the tone for how well your body and mind be functioning in the future.

12. Change your sheets and towels

I tend to change my bed sheets every week or two. If not the whole bedding, at least the pillow case, since I don’t want my face to lay day on something dirty and sweaty. Changing your towels is important for your face, body and hair health, too. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly dry your towels.

13. Water your plants

Plants and flowers need care and love. Don’t forget to water them.

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